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Winchmore Hill Gavel Club

Winchmore Hill Gavel Club Introduction When one hears ‘public speaking society,’ one might think of pompous people or self-assured extroverts. However, this is not the case with the Winchmore Hill

Gavel Club Meeting Theme Ideas

An ardent evening of public speaking Winchmore Hill Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International. In the year 2024, we established the club with the purpose of improving public

Our charter dinner – 30 April 2018

The celebrations are coming thick and fast at Winchmore Hill Speakers! This time we were celebrating the club’s official “charter”. That’s when a new speaking club is able to grow

A birthday celebration – 5 February 2018

We celebrated our birthday with the obligatory cake and, of course, speeches. One of our newest members delivered her first speech at the club and was greeted with much applause

In a holiday mood – 7 August 2017

That holiday feeling at our public speaking club We had the right weather for a typical  English summer holiday on Monday 7th August.  It was raining.  That didn’t stop 13

Public speaking meeting – 3 July 2017

Our evening of public speaking and fun started with Rosy, our club president, wishing us all a very happy new year.  Some of us may have been forgiven for thinking

Club meeting – 5 June 2017

What an Empowering evening we had! Our public speaking club meeting had our usual mix of activities.  People practicing speeches that they had carefully prepared, helpful feedback and a fun

Club Meeting – 15 May 2017

What an evening of coincidences! Last night I attended the Winchmore Hill Speakers club meeting at the delightfully pleasant pub, The Winchmore in Winchmore Hill. The meeting was well attended

Club Meeting – 8 May 2017

Yet another fun evening at the club. We had fewer club members than usual due to other commitments. We were delighted to welcome four guests and several visiting Toastmasters to

Club Meeting – 24 April 2017

A Euphoric meeting at the Winchmore Hill club! We had a number of guests, many of our club members and a wonderful assortment of visiting Toastmasters from nearby clubs.  Rosy kicked off


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