Winchmore Hill Speakers Club

An Engaging, Addictive and Fun Speaking Club

Gavel Club

Gavel club in Winchmore a public speaking club for kids run by kids.

Venue - Winchmore Hill Sports Club, The Pauline Ground, Ford's Grove, London, N21 3ER
When - 6:45pm to 7:45pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

Gavel Club

What is the Gavel Club?

Youth Gavel clubs are perpetual Toastmasters clubs for students under 18. Meetings are typically held twice a month, and the club operates in the same way adult Toastmasters clubs do.

Members perform the same roles, and use the two manuals (Competent Communicator & Competent Leadership) as Toastmasters clubs.

Participants increase their self-confidence as they become better speakers and leaders.

From personal crises to the academic rigors of high school, teenagers are constantly confronted by difficult situations. Toastmasters Gavel Clubs aim to build effective listening, expression, and communication skills that will help guide young people through their teenage years and beyond.

Benefits of joining the Gavel Club

Teenagers are often more comfortable communicating electronically than speaking face to face. Yet many events in teenagers’ lives require interpersonal communication skills to be resolved successfully. Now, more than ever, they need guidance in developing their communication skills.

All these skills are necessary for earning a living in today’s competitive job market, but are also essential for maintaining healthy personal relationships and achieving academic goals in middle & high school, as well as in college.

Overcome nervousness

Become more confident by boosting your self assurance and belief in your own ability

Learn to present ideas logically and convincingly to an audience with confidence.

Listen to others' ideas.

Ability to listen to other ideas and take in the information being presented.

Participate in and lead group discussions or meetings

Grow to become a leader with the help of Winchmore Hill Gavel Club

Offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.

Learn how to convey constructive criticism to help each other grow and become more confident.

Why children join the Gavel Club

Children join our gavel club to ultimately learn new skills, meet new people and practice and master their public speaking skills without getting judged. Here children can build self-confidence, build leadership skills and have heaps of fun whilst doing so.

What's happens at our Gavel Club?

A Gavel Club meeting is divided into three distinct parts.

Prepared Speeches
As the name implies – are prepared ahead of time and typically last between five and seven minutes. There will be a minute between speeches for written evaluations.
Each prepared speaker is assigned a designated evaluator who will provide two to three minutes of constructive feedback. All of us can learn from the evaluator’s expertise.
Skill-Building and Mindset Development
“Volunteers” are asked to talk for one to two minutes on an impromptu question.
Gavel club team


In addition to speakers and evaluators, the meeting has many additional roles:


Acts as the master of ceremonies, setting the tone and coordinating all other aspects of the event. This crucial role requires exceptional organizational and leadership skills, as well as the ability to anticipate and quickly address any issues that may arise. The master of ceremonies is responsible for ensuring that the event runs smoothly from beginning to end. They act as a liaison between all parties involved, including speakers, performers, and attendees, and ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times. Their expertise ensures that the event is a seamless and unforgettable experience for all involved.


The Grammarian is an expert in language and loves to share knowledge with the world. As a part of this, they give a “Word of the Day” and eagerly listen for interesting and creative use of the English language. They are also keen on identifying and rectifying any instances of language misuse. With their vast expertise, The Grammarian is a perfect guide for enhancing your language proficiency. So come, join in and learn something new every day!

Wizard of Ahs

The “Wizard of Ahs” counts our “ums”, “ahs”, and other verbal fillers. (note: sentences should not start with: and, but, so, well, like, you know)


The Inquisitor is always on the lookout for ambitious individuals who possess exceptional skills. One way in which they test potential candidates is by posing unexpected and last-minute questions to them, in order to assess their abilities under pressure. "Volunteers" are called upon to answer these questions and showcase their expertise. It is a challenging and exciting process that separates the best from the rest. So if you're looking for an opportunity to prove yourself, brace yourself for whatever the Inquisitor throws your way!

Prepared Speaker

Gives a speech from the Toastmasters manuals.


Evaluate the speaker's performance based on body language, voice modulation, and presentation skills.

Head Coach

Evaluates the coaches, as well as the entire meeting (i.e everyone and everything else).


The Timekeeper keeps track of time, and times the different parts of the meeting.

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