Winchmore Hill Speakers Club

An Engaging, Addictive and Fun Speaking Club

Build the self confidence you want.

At Winchmore Hill Speakers Club, members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of speaking activities and exercises that help them build confidence, enhance their speaking skills, and overcome any public speaking fears they may have.

We meet every other Monday. Click the button below to view more.

Do you want to become...

An Effective Speaker

Someone that is able to effectively convey information authentically with a high level of persuasiveness. We're able to help you become this.

A Motivational Leader

Someone that can create a supportive and empowering environment where individuals feel inspired to unleash their full potential, ultimately driving success and achieving shared goals.

More Confident

Someone that can cultivate a deep sense of confidence that allows you to thrive in any situation by embracing your strengths, and facing challenges with resilience and positivity.

Benefits of joining

There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of our club. Below, you’ll find a list of many of these benefits. However, the full experience of the support and encouragement we offer can only be truly appreciated once you’ve joined us. We’re committed to collaborating with you to ensure your success.

Public Speaking Practice
Our club offers members a safe space to practice and improve their public speaking
Leadership Skills
There is an assortment of leadership roles available at Winchmore Hill to support the club and to help you become a better leader.
Educational Pathways
Our club is part of Toastmasters International which provides a great educational program to help you improve your public speaking skills.
Building Self Confidence
You will naturally build your self confidence by attending our meetings and practicing your public speaking in a safe place.
Timings, venue and frequency

Our Meetings

With our physical meeting point being at the Winchmore Hill Sports Club and our online meeting platform being Zoom we’re able to accommodate everyone no matter where they’re based.

Club roles

Help you be the leader you want to be

A club officer has a very important role within Toastmasters International. The success of a club and its members depend on how well you and your fellow club officers execute your responsibilities. By providing leadership and support, you can foster a positive environment that’s conducive to members’ personal and professional growth, allowing them to achieve their Toastmasters education program goals.

Support The Club

The success of Winchmore Hill Speakers Club depends on how well you execute your responsibilities.

Become a leader

You can foster a positive environment that's conducive to members' personal and professional growth.