Winchmore Hill Speakers Club

An Engaging, Addictive and Fun Speaking Club

Winchmore Hill Gavel Club

Winchmore Hill Gavel Club


When one hears ‘public speaking society,’ one might think of pompous people or self-assured extroverts. However, this is not the case with the Winchmore Hill Gavel Club. They advocate the power of speaking over the power of speech and endeavor to move beyond passive preaching.

About the Club

As a subsidiary of Toastmasters International, club members improve their speaking skills following an established outline of 10 speaking projects. The Gavel Club promotes a healthy culture of feedback, with constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.

Members commit to one hour every fortnight, completing their Toastmasters projects in smaller groups on Tuesday afternoons. Club sessions include speaking activities to train skills, personal sharing, and a safe environment for self-expression.

Benefits of Joining

With the right attitude, one can benefit enormously from opportunities to speak in front of large audiences. The constant availability of constructive feedback enables members to identify specific areas for improvement.

Beyond academic learning opportunities, joining the Gavel club is an opportunity to join a family of forthcoming, warm, and determined people. The transition to Secondary school can be daunting, and the Gavel club provides a warm, unconditional base for support and energy.

Selection Process

All interested candidates will undergo a selection interview. The selection criteria are not based on eloquence or command of English, but on the candidate’s eagerness to learn and grow in effective self-expression. The Gavel club welcomes all applications, regardless of background or fluency.


Anyone can take the stand and talk, but it takes courage and confidence to make a stand and speak. The Winchmore Hill Gavel Club envisions a team of true 2024 speakers who will bring humility, respect, and dedication to the table.