Winchmore Hill Speakers Club

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Our charter dinner – 30 April 2018

The celebrations are coming thick and fast at Winchmore Hill Speakers!

This time we were celebrating the club’s official “charter”. That’s when a new speaking club is able to grow to the point that it has plenty of dedicated and well-organised members that it is formally recognised by Toastmasters International.

As it was a special occasion, it didn’t follow the format of our regular events. Normally we have members of the club deliver short speeches where they get to practice specific elements of their public speaking, and get plenty of encouragement and helpful feedback. On this occasion were instead each invited to share with the group three facts about ourselves, one of which is untrue. It was a great way to get the conversation flowing as friends old and new got to know each other a little better. I do have to say that I was slightly concerned about just how convincing one of our members could be on the subject of rubber duckies.

The evening had all the fun and laughter that we always have when members of our club get together. This time it was accompanied by a delicious meal and (of course) plenty of cake. A speaking club celebration wouldn’t be complete without an after-dinner speech though, and in that regard Graeme did us proud. He told us a children’s book that featured red-cheeked Rosy and stubble-chinned Steve. Thankfully that morphed into a retelling of how the club had developed over the past year into what it is today: a group of people that are keen to learn, to help others, and to have plenty of fun along the way.

The photos that we have of the event never seem to do justice to the atmosphere, so the best way to find out what it’s really like is to come along to one of our meetings. As the club continues to grow and flourish, and its members achieve even greater things, I’m sure we’ll have many things to celebrate in the future.

Members and guests of the club having fun at the celebration event
Rosy and Steve, club co-sponsors, with the obligatory cake