Our meetings

What can I expect?

We want you to enjoy your visit, so here is some information on what to expect

Firstly, you can expect a warm welcome. All of our club members were visitors once, and so we know what it's like to enter a room and meet new people. Many of us had a terrible fear if public speaking too, so if you're anxious about that, don't worry - we know what it's like!

The aim of the club is to help our members develop their confidence, communication and leadership skills in a supportive environment. We do this by following the Toastmasters International education programme that has been helping people for over 90 years and benefited over 4 million people.

Where and when?

We meet on the first and third Monday of each month, except for bank holidays. Currently, all meetings are held as hybrid meetings. That means, the meetings is held through Zoom and in-person at the same time. You can decide if you want to connect online through Zoom or join in person.

The Zoom room opens at 7.20 pm, and the official part of the meeting begins at 7.30 pm. Here is how you can connect:

Meeting ID: 835 7030 0369
Meeting password: WHS

You can also click this link to join the meeting directly:

Join WHS Zoom meeting

Alternatively, you can choose to attend every meeting in person here: The Paulin Ground, Ford's Grove, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3ER.


What happens at the meeting?

A typical agenda includes:

  1. Welcome from our club president
  2. Introduction to the meeting by the Toastmaster of the evening
  3. Prepared speeches. Our members prepare speeches which allow them to practice their skills in specific areas, such as speaking persuasively, using visual aids, storytelling, humorous speeches or speaking on special occasions
  4. Networking break.  An opportunity to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones
  5. Evaluations and feedback.
    Members get supportive and helpful feedback on their speeches so that they can recognise what they did well and how they can make their speeches even better
  6. Impromptu speaking.
    To get practice at speaking off the cuff and to have a little fun, we include a session on impromptu speaking where members are invited to speak for a minute or two
  7. Reports.
    Throughout the meeting our members practice their skills in listening, critical thinking and motivating others - and this is achieved by providing short reports on how well we all achieved the purpose of the meeting

The meetings typically last around 2 hours, including the break. Many of use then move to the bar for an enjoyable chat and a drink or bite to eat.


Do I have to speak?

No, not if you don't want to.

Our club is a friendly environment and there's no pressure to speak if you don't feel comfortable doing it. Many people find that coming along to our meetings inspires them to want to say something though!


Do I have to become a member to join?

No need! Attending meetings is completely free for guests, and you can attend as many meetings as you want without becoming a member. Giving and evaluating speeches is for members only, so if you enjoy attending the meetings you probably want to become a member, but you would not be pushed to do so.